Binomo is a scam?


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Binomo is one of the newcomers to the trading industry. This type of earnings on the Internet is now quite popular. Therefore, many binary options players are trying to find a suitable platform that you can trust. It is not surprising that many questions arise regarding the Binomo broker: can you trust him or is this another fraud? Let’s deal!

Binomo. Features of work

The Binomo platform appeared in the binary options market in 2014. Initially, this service was not very interesting for users, because it offered a standard and not the most functional set of tools for trading. It is with this factor that negative reviews in the network about the Binomo platform are associated, as well as suspicions of fraud.

binomo tricksters or not?

Soon, the author of the project began to modernize his brainchild. As a result, the Binomo platform from a young and not the most interesting platform has turned into one of the most promising brokers in the CIS. The platform is played not only by residents of the countries of the former USSR. There are players from all over the world, including Africa, which also speaks in favor of the reliability of the system.

High-quality service is one of the “chips” of the site, which offers its customers very loyal and comfortable working conditions. All users registered on this trading platform note in their comments:

  • the ability to trade even with zero experience;
  • lack of need for a large start-up capital (minimum entry threshold);
  • high profitability on options;
  • availability of all necessary tools for analysis and work.

In addition, Binomo provides player support. All materials for training are provided absolutely free of charge: webinars, lessons, explanations from experienced traders and others. All this is in the public domain.

Among other advantages, it is worth noting the ability to trade 24/7. The site operates on a non-stop basis, even on weekends and holidays.

As you can see, truly unique conditions have been created for traders on this new Binomo platform. Not surprisingly, many skeptical users have doubts. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out how much you can trust the Binomo broker. Or are these very attractive terms just a ploy to attract new customers and yet another fraud?

Safety and reliability Binomo

In fact, the Binomo broker can be trusted. Why? The activity of this platform is clearly regulated by the certificate of one of the most reliable regulators. The site has a license from the Center for Regulation of Relations in the Financial Market, which was issued in 2015. Throughout these years, the certificate is regularly renewed.

Why is this so important? The thing is that thanks to this approach, a trader cannot worry about the safety and security of his funds on deposit. Working with this broker is reliable and safe, since all possible financial risks that come in contact with the possibility of loss of capital are reduced to zero.

Note! In favor of Binomo is the fact that he is the owner of the most prestigious awards in the field of trading. This indicates the honesty, reliability and transparency of the broker. Therefore, it is impossible to accuse the site of fraud.

Lack of guaranteed successes

Does a binomo company cheat?

Also, the site has other advantages. Many users in their real reviews note that no one gives guaranteed promises on Binomo. On the broker’s official website, which you can go to at, you can really earn and withdraw real money. But here the trader:

  • do not give advice;
  • do not assist in the transaction;
  • do not provide 100% “working” signals and others.

It would seem that what is good about it? But you must admit: if the user has completed all his work and he received his jackpot, then it is too naive and even silly to expect a withdrawal of funds. At the same time, they can tell Binomo a strategy if the client has asked for help.

Also, according to the rules of this site, a registered visitor cannot provide management of his account to the company manager. The only thing you can count on is the solution of technical difficulties, assistance in developing the terminal, and similar issues. And this cannot be attributed to the minuses, since in such moments transparency of the site’s activity is revealed.

Other security features Binomo

What else indicates that Binomo cannot be attributed to scammers, as well as projects that are aimed at deceiving users? Among the most obvious signs indicating the safety of the Binomo platform, you should indicate:

  • opt-out of spamming;
  • lack of intrusive and aggressive advertising on other sites;
  • Avoiding the promise of one hundred percent profit.

No obsession. These site managers do not guarantee quick and easy earnings, although, indeed, there is a way to really make good money (for example, in a tournament).

Reasons for the appearance of negative reviews about Binomo

If Binomo is safe and reliable, and it is really possible to make money on it on the Internet, then why do negative reviews about its work appear? On the network you can find unflattering remarks about this modern dealing center. Some users who played Binomo through a PC or mobile application accuse the project of fraud, including money.

The reason is very simple. Usually, only a very inexperienced trader leaves this platform, who could not or simply did not want to deal with the intricacies of the work and the functionality of the site. Own failure, the loss of $ 10-20 is perceived as a scam and a fraud. In the mistakes made, he does not see his guilt, blames Binomo. Accordingly, he does not like the site, and he is in a hurry to leave negative feedback on her work on the Internet.

Also, on the network you can see negative comments of those who went to Binomo for free. But she’s definitely not here. To really earn real money, you will have to understand the essence of binary options trading, study strategies, and learn the rules of money management. If a person has no desire to immerse himself in this, he comes to Binomo in the hope of disrupting a random win, and he does not succeed, then disappointment is inevitable. As a result, negative comments appear.

Note! Often on the network you can find custom negative reviews. They are written like a carbon copy and are not endorsed by anything.

There is another reason why the network is reporting that Binomo is a scam. These opinions are related to the refusal of the site to withdraw money to the user’s account. But it is worth noting that all these comments were written by users who did not go through the verification procedure of their account. Some clients of the broker simply do not know what it is for, and are afraid to confirm their data, namely, upload a scan of their passport (main page and spread with a registration).

But, it is the successfully passed verification procedure that provides Binomo customers with a quick and easy withdrawal of funds from a deposit to a particular account. Only after this, the trader can begin to draw up a cash withdrawal application, which is proposed to be done through your personal account.

Attention! In some situations, even after verification and successful execution of the application, the money does not arrive at the user’s account. In such cases, you do not need to write angry reviews about the company. It is best to contact support and find out the reasons for what happened. Sometimes the application is delayed due to the fault of the banking organization or a system failure.

It is important to understand: it is impossible to replace user data on the Binomo website and send money from his deposit account anywhere. The broker, for all the years of work, has never been seen in real fraud. From the trading accounts of his clients, he promptly, according to the established agreement, withdraws all financial resources.
is it possible to make money on binomo
To make up your objective opinion, you should go to the broker’s official website and see how everything works. If there are concerns regarding the introduction of money into the system, it is better to open a training demo account. Due to this opportunity, there is a chance to independently evaluate the operation of the Binomo platform, as well as to earn money by participating in tournaments that are regularly held especially for the owners of such accounts.

It is recommended to read the real positive customer reviews of Binomo. As a rule, they express an objective opinion and truthfully talk about the work of the project.

Summarize: Binomo – scam or not?

Binomo is a safe and secure binary options trading platform. The platform has never been noticed in non-payment of funds to verified users. There is no scam, fraud and swindle. Also, do not believe the negative reviews that quotes are twisted on the site with the aim of deceiving novice traders. All these are words of offended users. There are much more positive comments on the network with real evidence of the functionality of the project. At the same time, customers indicate their account numbers in Binomo.

To make sure that this site is not a scam, just go to Binomo and go through a very quick and easy registration procedure. To work, you need to make a minimum deposit of $ 10. If you use the right strategies and complete several successful transactions, you can immediately apply for withdrawal. Confirmation of the purity of the transaction occurs within three days if the account is verified. If the profit is withdrawn to the electronic wallet, then the withdrawal is made almost instantly.

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  1. Philip

    is binomo safe?

  2. Todd

    I don’t understand the competition… Whi do they write real lies on websites and forums about Binomo being a scam when there are real videos of real profitable trades on Binomo. Knowledgeable people know very well that Binomo operatos honestly.

  3. Brendon

    If in this many years of operation binomo hasn’t become a scam yet, I don’t think that will happen in the future. But, judge for yourself. Scam projects most often close in a maximum of six months. And binomo has been paying for 6 years.

  4. Jintonik

    I suspected Binomo of fraud during the first month of my trading, since I completely lost my entire account balance. But back then I was trading without strategies. As soon as I adopted one, I began trading in the black and withdrawing my profits.

  5. Viki

    Many people do not trust the binomo platform, as they think that their money might be stolen, but in fact that is not so easy to do, because registration is the only simple procedure there, you also need to go through identification to withdraw money, so it is not so easy to withdraw other people’s funds.

  6. Valencio

    A couple of years ago I read a lot of negative reviews about Binomo, something like this platform was a scam. But you could find online a lot of proof of withdrawals, so I decided to try it myself. The minimum deposit was chicken feed, just $10. At first, my trading was no good, and I lost my first 5 bucks. Then the market calmed down in the evening, and I managed not only to get my money back, but also to make 4 more bucks on top. I requested withdrawal of the entire amount, and it was on my card account the next evening. My conclusion is the platform is fair.

  7. Kill dead

    I don’t see how a platform can deceive. For me personally, it works fine, there are no problems. What is especially flattering is how the support operates. I had some difficulties understanding the site, I contacted them for help.

  8. Felix

    Binomo develops and is updated every year. This makes me very happy as their client. I support any positive change.

  9. Grand

    For some reason, I immediately intuitively realized that Binomo is a solid company, and then when I saw a few reviews of the Binomo company on YouTube, plus I also found traders’ channels that showed online trading on Binomo. In general, I do not regret opening an account on Binomo. I have repeatedly withdrawn my profits.

  10. Jorj

    I have not seen a single sign that says binomo is a scam. You really can make money on the platform. But you should not make hasty or rash bets. Those who want “easy” money end up draining their accounts completely and writing negative reviews. If you do everything according to the strategies, earnings will not be long in coming.

  11. Nifas

    I can vouch for the honesty and integrity of the Binomo company since I withdrew an amount exceeding $5,000. Of course, they demanded that I verify my identity and that I was the cardholder of my bank card, and my money was withdrawn within 24 hours.

  12. Romu

    I agree that,it is best to verify your Binomo account with documentation. That way you can protect yourself from being hacked.

  13. Milord

    The platform is great, if you are still hesitant to register or not, you are losing time.

  14. Liger

    आप बिनोमो पर काफ़ी अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते हैं। और अगर आप ट्रेडिंग के सिद्धांतों को समझ लेंगे, अपनी ट्रेडिंग रणनीति विकसित करेंगे, तो बिनोमो पर ट्रेडिंग अतिरिक्त आय का एक निरंतर स्रोत बन सकता है।

  15. Foxlink

    I’ve also seen a lot of reviews that binomo is a scam. But that is not the case! I have been working on it for 3 years, and all this time the site has been paying steadily.

  16. Erik

    I still do not understand why so many people think that binomo is a scam, because many of these experts have not even registered on the platform to be able to assert that, and I, for example, receive payouts regularly.

  17. Alpo

    I trade mostly in the daytime, but if you are a beginner, I would advise you to take a closer look at night trading: the chart is calmer and binomo has a cool strategy for night trading.