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Earnings in the network are gaining huge popularity. Trading binary options is only one of the most attractive and promising solutions. But since this area is considered one of the newest, there are periodically a lot of scammers. This is why many traders would like to know whether the Binomo platform is a deception or a Scam.

Why does Binomo have negative reviews?

On thematic portals and forums where information and reviews about Binomo appear, often there are negative statements about the project. However, this fact does not mean that the Binomo cannot be trusted.

Usually negative reviews are custom-made or left by customers who could not fully understand the functionality, and therefore blame the platform itself for the loss. Also, the negative things are often written due to the fact that the broker, located at importantly, the company dot com switched to a new trading platform. In addition, the author of the project made a change to the bank, which was entrusted with the storage of deposit accounts of all users. As a result, such an important and significant changes have provoked a certain degree of technical complexity and overlay. Some customers importantly, the company thought it was fraud sites for earning money online.

Due to technical difficulties there was a real wave of rumors that the project importantly, the company is a scam. However, the project was able to debug its normal operation as soon as possible. Therefore, the surge of negativity quickly faded. Today, this broker is characterized only on the positive side. There is nothing surprising in this. After all, after the normalization of the trading platform offers users a very fast cash withdrawal. Depending on the type of account, withdrawals are made from 3 days to several hours.

Scam or not?

Now many users want to understand what to expect from the http binomo com site. Can I make money on it? Or an ordinary deception on the Internet? In fact, this company provides all reliable information on its official website. After a qualitative increase in the conditions of virtual trading, which the authors of the project managed to achieve due to the new trading platform, we can safely refute all rumors of fraud.

The broker successfully handles all the functions. It is not surprising that in 2019, the company is firmly in the top 3 best online brokerage projects. This binary option can be safely trusted, since its reliability is at a height and is documented.

Note! Importantly, the company is one of the few trading projects that take place annually certified by FMRRC. Accordingly, the system has a license.

In addition, in the options market, this platform is considered one of the fastest growing, reliable and innovative. The company strictly fulfills all points of the client agreement. Also, this binary option does not deviate from its own trading conditions. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure that this broker exists in an illegal mode. Note importantly, the company as a fraudulent website, it would be slander.

What other factors indicate that the site located on the http binomo com link is not a deception? Among all binary options, this project is not only reliable. In just a few years of operation (it has been operating since 2014), the company has acquired the status of the most innovative platform. The platform has shown an incredibly dynamic growth in the binary options market. So to blame her for the fact that the project importantly, the company a scam, just cannot be!

What are the other advantages of this resource? Among other advantages, it is worth noting the strict control over the company’s activities by the FMRRC. That is why all users ‘ trading deposits are insured, which ensures the reliability of such a binary option. What does the presence of such a regulator mean? That fraud on this platform is excluded in principle! Therefore, you can definitely earn and withdraw real money here, despite the negative reviews of former clients who have not developed cooperation with this platform. Who is going out of this project, generally just don’t understand the system or is not able to use the mobile app, which is also on importantly, the company.

The main signs of fraud in binary options

What else proves that importantly, the company is no scam and deception? Several signs that clearly indicate fraud in binary options.

100% guaranteed

Some binary options give their users a 100% guarantee of success. But in the financial market, this is an unrealistic thing. Decent creators of such projects do not make such promises, because it is impossible a priori. From the first day, it is hardly possible to earn well and a lot in this area. There are no such guarantees on Binomo. Therefore, you can not call them scammers and deceivers.

One-day site

Another sign that indicates the company’s dishonesty and deceptive customer acquisition is a one – day site. The platform where the brokerage company is located does not differ:

  • quick layout;
  • negligence in design;
  • the presence of errors in the texts;
  • flying lines in content, etc.

Here are just a few of the main and most obvious signs that this site was not exactly made in order to hit the jackpot and quickly deceive customers. The portal is clearly focused on long-term use.

There is no Intrusive advertising, thanks to which the author of the resource seeks to breed its visitors. On the contrary, importantly, the company manufactured correctly and efficiently. There are more than 20 pages with interesting and useful texts.

That is, when negative reviews appear on the Internet, the author and developers of this project will definitely not quickly rename the resource.

Attention! Good examples of this approach are “Autobitrate”, “Alglosnaiper” and “Trade Scanner”. These projects have been renamed, but the text on the new pages was still the old name.

Redirect to the fraudsters

On many binary options that are engaged in fraud, a very simple technique is used. On these platforms, you can use the services of an intermediary broker. But it is the intermediate link does not render the money. Not all traders use this technique. But among the sites that do this, it is worth noting companies:;

  • TitanTrade;
  • PlusOption;
  • Meta investing;
  • Daily deals 

What about the Binomo, the website is easy enough to check. In fact, its clients are never sent to other brokers, and the withdrawal of funds after making a request for cash withdrawal in the personal account is carried out quickly.

Massive advertising

Another important point that points to the project’s bad faith is massive advertising. The abundance of” touts ” on binary options indicates fraud. If you get to such a site through an ad or banner that indicates a very profitable way to earn money on the Internet, then there is a high probability of being on a fraudulent resource.

Note! The quality of the site, its reliability and the abundance of advertising should be inversely proportional to the ratio. The broker 24option and IQ Option are clear examples of such not very conscientious platforms.

We can say with almost 100% confidence that massive advertising of a dealing center with transitions is a fraud.

A similar scheme is used when sending out promotional alerts as well as email and phone, which tells about the ability to quickly and easily to disrupt a good jackpot. When such messages show excessive assertiveness and even aggressiveness, you should be wary. This is a clear sign of divorce. After all, it is not accepted to throw around really good offers.

Custom reviews

What else should be on the alert in a binary option? The presence of clearly ordered positive reviews. If the praise comments are artificially enthusiastic or written “under a carbon copy”, you need to be careful. You should also rate the video. When users from apartments with shabby furniture or communal rooms tell about the profitability and prospects of the broker, you should not believe them.

It is also recommended to see with your own eyes how the text is read. Often, a company is praised for a pre-written text, without taking your eyes off the paper or smartphone. Such “traders” are afraid to make a mistake and miss a word or sentence. After all, for a” bad ” role, they can be refused payment. Still on some resources try to replace photos of celebrities and sign on their behalf enthusiastic comments. This is why it is so important to carefully and scrupulously verify information.

Is there such a positive feedback on the work of Binomo? It is unlikely that something similar can be found in the network.

Beautiful story

Very often, scammers use beautiful fairy-tale stories about finding untold wealth. As a rule, the story about the “Slumdog millionaire”is promoted. Usually this is a cool guy or a very lucky girl who arrives in their own helicopter or broadcasts from the most expensive car. Most often, the “hero” tells a sad and touching story of climbing to success with a certain binary option in a very short period.

It is noteworthy that there is no real confirmation of this sentimental story. All facts are pictures or videos, most of which are made through photoshop. It is important to remember that the only proof of wealth is the Forbes list.

Are there any stories on Binomo? No, it is unlikely that this site uses such ambiguous ways to attract customers. This binary option is extremely open to users, but because of a strange success story for the promotion of the platform do not apply.

Whether the binary option Binomo is a scam or is it an honest project can be found in the video:

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