Tournaments on Binomo: types and features


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Trading binary options is one of the promising options for remote earnings on the Internet. But not all platforms are ready to offer traders really favorable conditions and unique earning options. One of the platforms where you can really raise capital is Binomo. What are the advantages of this young broker?

A bit about the features of the Binomo platform

Binomo Company, whose official website is located at, is the best trading platform to date. This platform is different:

  • smooth operation;
  • an opportunity to receive a bonus at the registration stage;
  • a chance to earn on an affiliate program;
  • high-quality customer support by phone hotline, email and through support 24/7.

Real users note other advantages of the company. This broker offers free training and a demo account through which you can test the site “from” and “to”. You do not need to replenish the deposit.

Another system is distinguished by loyal conditions. The minimum deposit on the site is only 10 dollars. Therefore, we can safely say that the broker is normal for any amount deposited. It is not surprising that this particular binary options trading platform is the most reliable and fastest growing office, where they do not catch up with regulations, do not delay payments and do not engage in other fraud. So calling her a boom of fools is definitely not worth it. And all supposedly true negative stories, as a rule, have no confirmation, as they were written by Binomo’s competitors. In fact, a truly active trader, aimed at responsible and honest work, does not leave this platform.

Tournament Features at Binomo

Binomo schedule and tournament lists

What else attracts Binomo users? In the binary options market, this platform is distinguished by the fact that it regularly holds tournaments among traders. Any registered user of the trading platform can take part in international competitions. The developers and authors of the project inform customers in advance about:

  • date of the tournament;
  • its timing;
  • competition conditions.

If desired, traders can pre-register for participation in any of the tournaments on Binomo.

In fact, each tournament is a world class competition, as the competition is organized for all customers, regardless of their country of residence and location. In this regard, such competitions are somewhat reminiscent of team interzonal competitions in various sports. But at Binomo, prizes are much more attractive than at competitions.

Tournament options at Binomo

What competitions does this binary options broker hold? The list is quite impressive. The new platform with its own unique functionality offers the following types of contests:

  • Daily Free;
  • 3 Days;
  • Chip Trade;
  • WeekEnd
  • Week;
  • Fast Money;
  • Fortnight
  • Deuce.

The site also has a premium version of tournaments. For example, a VIP Exclusive contest is being held for invited company traders. In it, all participants have equal conditions when the competition begins. However, if necessary, purchase is allowed when the amount of investment and the balance itself on open transactions is less than 1 thousand dollars. We will analyze the conditions of the most popular events.

Daily Free

Each type of tournament has its own unique features. But the most popular option is Daily Free, which until recently was regularly held among the holders of training accounts. At the moment, tournaments between these participants are not held.

However, the competition is still the most popular among beginners, as it allows you to participate in competitions for free. To do this, just open a Standard account and deposit at least $ 10 on a deposit. After that, the player can take part in an unlimited number of Daily Free tournaments.
Binomo tournaments, competition list

The conditions in this project are simple. Each trader must open deals in order to achieve the highest profit as a result. The won amount is sent to a real deposit and, if desired, it can be immediately withdrawn. Binomo will not force the player to somehow work out the prize. Also, it cannot be replaced by any virtual points, points or other synonyms of the “empty” win.

Chip Trade

Another popular type of tournament at Binomo is Chip Trade. This competition has its own conditions:

  • The prize fund directly depends on the number of participants and additional purchases;
  • tournament balance for all users is the same;
  • during the competition, you can buy up to $ 100.

As for the prize fund, regardless of the participants in the contest, its size cannot be less than $ 200.

This type of tournament is very similar to the 3 Days competition, which has the same conditions. The exception is the size of the prize pool. It is guaranteed can not be less than $ 3,000.


tournaments binomo list
Fortnight tournament, which is regularly held among Binomo customers, deserves special attention. The event is organized on the tournament account. To take part in the competition, you need to click on the virtual button “Register”. At the same time, there must be an amount on the real account equal to at least the cost of participation.

Before participation, the tournament balance of all participants is equalized. If the investment falls below $ 100, a purchase is possible. The prize fund consists of payment of participants for entering the tournament and further surcharges. Of all user contributions to the fund is 80%. But its volume is guaranteed cannot be less than $ 20,000.

However, not only the variety of tournaments attracts traders on Binomo. This site does not use fraudulent schemes or any special strategies known only to the elite. You need to actively trade and meaningfully open deals. Then Binomo will definitely not be to blame for the loss, but will allow you to increase your account and earn real money.

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  1. Gerin

    My tip to beginners to try their hand at the Daily tournament, where you trade without risk, after all:)

  2. Kristi

    Sometimes it’s okay to participate in a tournament, but don’t forget that trading is a business, not a competition.

  3. Xenkli

    I’ve always loved all sorts of tournaments and competitions. This is why I actively participate in tournaments on Binomo. There’s a chance to win, and I’ve won prizes several times. Try it, it’s really cool!

  4. Havi

    I personally have been working with the Binomo platform for about a year now, and a try not to miss Tournaments and participate in all that I can, they are a very good opportunity not only to increase, but to really boost my capital.

  5. Said

    Binomo is the best option for making extra money online. Best service and quality.

  6. Mario

    I love Binomo’s tournaments!)) I don’t know if I’m lucky or I’ve already learned to trade so well, but very often I make it to top ten, and once I even took the third prize!))) You can’t even imagine how happy I am that I found out about Binomo. It’s just so cool for me, a simple student, to learn and get an extra income!))

  7. Vatyi

    Don’t be afraid to participate in tournaments on Binomo. This is your real chance to increase your account with a minimum of investment.

  8. Fill Trenton

    L’ve taken part in the weekly Binomo tournament dozens of times. I won three times and won prizes seven times. The turnaments are fair and they give real bonuses.

  9. Kiger

    For beginners, the daily binomo tournaments are a very good opportunity to build your account, especially since investments are not required essentially.

  10. Pilsen

    Binomo tournaments have become one of my main ways of making money on the platform. Early on, I underestimated this method of trading. After participating in a couple of free tournaments and earning 1 dollar, I decided it was a waste of time. But one day I decided to apply one good strategy at a tournament, trading the reverse Martingale, and took one of the first prizes. After that, I took them more seriously and considered them as another source of income.

  11. Robert Hines

    I don’t know, but I’m not planning on participating in binomo tournaments yet. I’ve made enough from my trading. The prizes are pretty good, though.

  12. Dan Steen

    I regularly participate in tournaments, mainly the Weekly one. I made it twice to top three. In general, it is a very modern approach that Binomo organises such tournaments regularly. This encourages traders to trade on Binomo actively. By the way, I find the Binomo platform is ideal for active trading, when tens and hundreds of trades can be made within an hour.

  13. Datex

    I remember a long time ago when I participated in tournaments on the binomo platform too. Quite a convenient way to increase your balance with practically no investment either, then you just had to make a minimum deposit.

  14. Kelli

    Won $100 in a tournament just for trading from the levels. I like the system of tournaments, it adds a goal in trading.

  15. Olix

    Of course, I have to hand it to Binomo for creating tournaments and enabling traders to make good money during them.

  16. Florine

    Daily binomo tournaments were once my favorite source of income on this platform, you could earn good money with minimal investment.