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Currently, there are quite a few different trading platforms and one of them is Binomo. Despite the fact that the platform has been created relatively recently, it is used by a large number of traders, including clients from India, Russia and other countries. There are also a lot of users who have just started looking at it.

The latter will probably be interested in understanding the features offered by the personal account on Binomo. It is worth noting that the personal account on this platform doesn’t have all functions. In fact, you can only change your personal data and passwords. However, personal account contains generalized information about financial transactions and balance.
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What is Binomo? This is a reliable binary options broker that allows you to earn real money on the Internet.

The personal account contains information blocks, history of trading and other operations, and here you can also find the “contact button” that allows you to contact the support service. It is noteworthy that you can use all these functions without going to your personal account, since they are available in the extended version of the trading terminal.

It is more convenient to trade through your personal account on Binomo, which can be opened either in a tab or in a separate module. Experts note that the personal account on Binomo has potential in terms of analytical articles, news information, social widgets, and expanded trading history.

Registering on Binomo

Access to the trading platform is free for all. To create an account on official website you need to pass a simple registration procedure. The user must specify an email address, come up with a password, carefully study the terms of the privacy policy and agree to them.

The broker’s website is located at

Account may be established with reference to the user page in social networks. In this case, the verification of account is optional. Administration of Binomo may request to upload documents.

After registration, a script is loaded that explains the functionality of the trading platform and the personal account. The Binomo platform is particularly attractive because it has been translated into more than 15 languages, including Hindi.

About additional features

You may have thought that you won’t need Binomo’s personal account at all, but it allows you to access to a number of modules:

  • to a demo account, which can only be used by traders who have a personal account;
  • to tournaments. Winning allows you to start trading without a deposit for real money. In addition, the money won in the tournament can be transferred to the account or used as an investment in binary options trading;
  • to the training program, information modules, promotions, and so on.

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What is a demo account on Binomo? This is a practical tool for studying the specifics of trading.

Since activating your personal account does not take much time and allows you to use useful auxiliary widgets, it is most likely worth going through this procedure.

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  1. Natan

    Among the brokers of its level, Binomo is one of the best. It has been working for a long time, there are no questions for decency. Always pays everything. Requests are processed promptly, withdrawal within three days (unless ordered on weekends). In terms of trade, the conditions are typical, in terms of profitability, according to my observations, better than most. You can trade on Binomo without fear. The office is serious, values its reputation.

  2. Lucky

    When I started trading on Binomo, at first I had to lose a certain amount of money, but when I was trained, I understood how to trade, and now I am taking a little profit.

  3. Lequan

    The knowledge base is poor. Information is not all and many points are very superficially covered. I would like a good detailed instruction. This is my first experience working with binary options and a good detailed guide would not hurt. And so it is necessary to rummage through the Internet in search of answers, but the information is quite complicated and it is not so easy to deal with it. Otherwise, I like Binomo. Trading is quite comfortable.

  4. Dad

    One of the best and most importantly easy-to-use platforms among binaries. Before opening an account on Binomo worked on Verum, they had a spot option. After the ship began to sink slowly, I decided to run. I chose Binomo – I came across an advertisement. Everything is trite. At first, it was a bit unusual to switch to the platform. It was surprising and scary at the same time that it was somehow very easy to work. It was harder on Verum, due to the nature of the platform. And on Binomo, everything is really clear and simple. A minimum of tools, but the terminal only benefits from this. Slippage does not happen at all, the update of quotes is instant and there are no errors. Of course, when you consider that the Internet connection is normal, there is still a provider worth checking. I work for minutes, as it seems most convenient to me. I do not do more than 5 bucks per deal, it turns out to make money on this. Let not a lot, but I do not risk almost anything.

  5. Alabama

    I worked a little more than a month. As the additional income is suitable, but it was hard for me to deal with the site at first, then it was easier. There is always technical support, but I don’t often contact, it seems that I’m doing pretty well myself while I’m studying and earning a little. Try.

  6. Indian

    This binary options market carries increased risks, but if you can trade or use the recommendations of more experienced traders, you can get really good profit. In general, as in any other market, the main thing is to do everything right.

  7. Yago

    Today, there are few really reliable platforms for work in the financial market. Beyond doubt, Binomo is the leader in this industry and has no equal, in my opinion. You can use different versions, all of which enable you to trade comfortably. This is the only platform that hasn’t tarnished its reputation since it started. It’s hard to win users’ trust, but Binomo’s made it.

  8. Zikkol

    Registration on the binomo website, oddly enough, turned out to be quite simple, my documents were first requested only upon my first attempt to withdraw funds, which is really a plus, otherwise anyone who can hack my password can withdraw my money.

  9. German Groy

    It’s very good that binomo has a demo account, I usually test new strategies on it, and then I open trades for minimum amounts. Only after that can I work with a new strategy in peace.

  10. Gaset

    What I specially focused on is the training section on Binomo. It has a lot of interesting materials for beginners, including video reviews. I perceive video information better, so I am grateful for that.

  11. Slizerin

    When I was registering on binomo, I thought a bunch of documents would be required for this as usual, but it turned out to be much easier, it took no more than five minutes to register.

  12. Siace

    Signing up is very easy, even I could do it, though I don’t own a PC. User-friendly site to work on.

  13. Sneha

    Although registration on binomo seems very simple, it is still best to verify your identity right away, as there are many scammers who can steal your money without much difficulty.

  14. Doini

    Registration and identity verification took 15 minutes. But I only funded my account a week later after training on a demo account. Binomo is of course an interesting company and their platform is also great for fast trades.