Who are Binomists: a new word in investing and trading


It is a fact that Binomo is one of the leading companies in the market and is popular with traders in India. It suggests that the platform offers them favourable terms of cooperation. It is not surprising that traders began to call themselves Binomists. So, who are they, and why did they choose the Binomo platform in India?

Who are Binomists?

Many traders who invest and trade on Binomo for a long time stick to certain principles that have worked for them and share their knowledge with beginners. This is a responsive community called Binomists. Here are some ways to help you become a part of it:

  1. Be positive thinking. It would be helpful if you always strive for the best when trading and at the same time be ready for any results. The best you can do is use strategies and consider the risk of losing funds. Binomists always understand that trading is hard, which will only pay off if you trade wisely and move forward despite unsuccessful trades.
  2. Always look for new opportunities. Each trader has access to great opportunities on the platform, such as tournaments, bonuses, cashback (in some cases), etc. But if you want more, Binomists recommend becoming a VIP client and getting personal privileges from your manager.
  3. Increase trading skills. A real trader is always one step ahead. They understand that trading can lead to a loss of the deposit due to an incorrect forecast. Therefore, Binomists reduce this risk by increasing their skills. Binomo helps traders with this and provides free training and a demo account for practice.

It is important not only to know who the Binomists are but also what Binomo is.

Reasons why Binomists chose this trading platform

what is binomo trading

Let’s consider the main trading advantages of binomo.com, because of which traders choose it:

  1. Friendly for beginners. An intuitive interface makes trading as handy as possible. The minimum deposit amount is only $5 for traders from India, and the minimum trade amount is $1. Also, there is free training and a Demo account for practice in a safe environment at the disposal of novice traders.
  2. Extended terminal. It has more than a dozen popular indicators, an economic calendar, and more than 20 different tools for chart analysis. Traders have the opportunity to use hundreds of different trading strategies on Binomo.
  3. Mobile trading. A lightweight terminal with essential functions for iOS and Android allows you to trade on the go and perform elementary indicator analysis of the chart.
  4. Bonuses and tournaments. Depending on the type of account, each trader can get a deposit bonus. The most lucrative bonuses are offered to VIP clients. It is up to 200% for a deposit and various no-deposit bonuses from personal managers. Binomo also has a unique offering – regular tournaments. It is a competition with real funds prizes. Most tournaments on Binomo are paid. But there is a free one (“Daily Free”), which even demo account holders can participate in.
  5. Support. Binomo’s support team is highly efficient. If you have a problem or question, we recommend contacting the Help Center or chatbot. If you still have questions or the problem is not resolved, write to the support specialist in the chat or email (support@binomo.com). Available around the clock.
  6. Binomo is safe. Another reason why Binomists choose the platform is its reliability and safety. Every year Binomo undergoes an audit, where Verify My Trade will check 5,000 trades made on the platform, and a certificate confirms their quality. Binomo is also a member of the International Finance Commission, which guarantees its traders an independent hearing in a dispute. The platform has also received several prestigious awards, such as the FE and IAIR Awards.

It’s time to become part of the Binomists’ community

As a result, the reasons why Indian traders prefer the Binomo platform are compelling. The principles they adhere to when investing and trading are also ponderable. So, it is clear why many traders call themselves Binomists.

Remember that trading carries the risk of losing your investment. Hence, you must develop your skills and adhere to the principles of intelligent trading to reduce these risks and become part of the community of experienced traders.

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