What is Binomo?

Andrew asked 3 years ago
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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Binomo is a trading platform where you can make money. Money is earned on the growth and depreciation of currencies, goods, price indices, stocks, and other assets.
All functional features, as well as new ones, are developed by specialists by taking into account all the interests of users. This is done so that users enjoy working on this platform. The most important thing is that this activity becomes profitable regardless of the level of training.
Binomo is one of the safe over-the-counter brokers. The activities of this platform are regulated by an independent authority of the Central Intelligence Fund. Binomo is distributed in the markets of the CIS countries. It is worth noting that the company provides protection against all possible market risks of its customers in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.
The company is also a member of category “A” of the International Finance Commission. In turn, this indicates that the platform provides guarantees to its customers on the quality of the services provided.

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