What is Binomo – Trading platform and App Review

The Internet has made various opportunities available, whereby you can make extra income. So, Binomo has established a well-founded trading platform that delivers significant benefits of trading

Binomo was created by the Dolphin Corp Company and has consistently served top-notch services to its clients.You can access all the services the company provides through its site and mobile app. But what pros does this trading platform have?

?What is Binomo

Binomo is a client-oriented company that has developed to be one of the most reliable online trading platforms serving its clients globally. The company has thousands of clients in different parts of the world. Binomo in UAE is legal and safe for trading. Even if you are new to trading, you can sign up, learn, and begin your trading experience with Binomo

?Is this trading platform a fraud or not

Based on the popular view of many trading platforms that end up being scams, people tend to doubt if they can trust Binomo. This company is not a fraud, and it has years of experience reliability to prove that. The company is legally registered and is subject to auditing and accountability

In addition, Binomo is a Category A member of the International Finance Commission and has been audited by Verify My Trade (VMT). Trading platform has developed a reputation for itself since creation

The company makes sure that it delivers top-notch services for its clients globally. Binomo maintains a high level of professionalism and dependability in all its transactions. So you can be confident that Binomo is not a fraud


Since Binomo joined the Financial Commission in 2018, it has been known to be one of their best members. If there are any complaints you may have against the company, make sure you contact Binomo before making a report to the Financial Commission. Binomo holds every one of its clients in high regard and will be sure to respond quickly


There’s a need for registration before you can begin trading on Binomo. Registration can be done on the official website https://binomo.com/. Go to the homepage, navigate to the top right corner, where you will find a Login button. Click that button, and then the Signup page will be displayed

Submit all your correct information, which includes your email address, password, and your preferred currency. Make sure you read through the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy

Complete your registration on the website and click on a button that has “Create an account” on it. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm that the email is yours and validate your account. Once you’ve done that, you can start trading

Account Types

Binomo has different account types that you can use for trading on the platform. There’s the Demo account, which is also a Free account because it is funded with free virtual $10000 for training on how to trade. Binomo has other types of accounts, which include Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit for a Binomo trading account is 10USD, or it’s equivalence in UAE currency. Your withdrawal is only allowed to the account you used for depositing. You can withdraw to your verified bank card or e-wallet. Nonetheless, you can always check for the minimum permitted for your country to be sure. Then, you need to wait up to 3 business days for the funds to be credited (depends on the type of account and the trader’s payment system)


Ensure that you complete your verification to confirm your identity as the payer and owner of the account. To get verified, you need to submit all required documents to the Binomo email address, support@binomo.com

:Identity documents

passport or ID card-
photos of bank cards or screenshots from electronic wallets you made deposit from-

Don’t forget to use the email for your account to send the documents. Remember that what matters most is to keep your account and funds safe and secure

In some cases, Binomo’s security service may require additional documents to verify identity


Trading platform has a withdrawal limit of $10. The income withdrawal limit is set at $3,000 per day or the local equivalent. Also your payment system can set the minimum withdrawal limit

You may experience some limitations in terms of the number of accessible assets, depending on your type of account. Should you be requested to undergo identity verification, they might have to limit your withdrawal until the verification is completed


With Binomo, you get to enjoy different bonuses from the company to enhance your trading skills. The company credits your account to encourage you, and they are usually granted based on various promotional programs

Binomo App

There’s a mobile trading app, you can download it on your Apple device or Android phones. To download the app

Navigate to your respective app stores, whether Google Play or App Store –
Search for the Binomo app –
Download the app and install it on your phone. You can download the android apk from the official website https://binomo.com/en/promo/android


For your good, you need quality tutorials to learn how to trade correctly. The good news is that Binomo has taken it as their duty to provide this on their website. You have free access to these educational resources, and they will help you become a professional trader. There’s also the availability of analytical data to enhance your skills in analysis and forecasting


Binomo provides an exciting opportunity to earn additional income through online trading. You can make up to 90% profit whenever you make a correct forecast

By trading on the platform, you take advantage of the price fluctuations that occur with funds exchange. There are risks associated with this kind of trading. Should you give a wrong forecast, you are at risk of losing most or all of your funds at once. Make sure you are clear about the risk involved


?How can I change my account currency

After your account registration, you can no longer change your account currency. It is possible to create a new account using another capital after first blocking the existing one. You need a new email address to register for a new account

?What is the use of verification

Verification is necessary identity confirmation of the account holder, the payee, and the payer. The security of your Binomo account, as well as your funds, is the most critical concern

?How can I get a bonus

:These are the steps for getting bonuses

deposit funds in your account (standard) –
input a bonus code to use –
you can activate a no-deposit bonus –

?How can I fund my account

:Take these steps

visit the Cashier section (https://binomo.com/cashier) –
choose your preferred payment method –
type in the amount to credit –
click Credit –
follow the given instructions, as stated by the payment system –

?How can I take part in tournaments

Click on the “Sign up” button to take part in the tournament account. Visit the tournament page and ensure you have funds in your real account equal to or greater than the signup minimum. You can also take part in a daily free tournament

?What is verification for

?Is it possible to withdraw bonus funds​

?How can I get a bonus

?How can I fund my account

?What is Binomo

?How can I become a VIP

?How can I change my account currency

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  1. Abu Ali Hussein ibn Abdallah a

    To me, Binomo is absolutely outstanding in the sense that it delivers high-quality services consistently. I’ve had no reason to doubt trading on the platform and I’ve been actively trading there for about two years now. Actually, I’ve been trading on other online trading platforms before I got to know about Binomo so I truly understand how great its services are. The platform truly cares about their client. It’s good to be trading on a platform that is not basically after its own profit alone

  2. Fatima

    Awesome content! It contains the information that I need to know, especially about the tutorial part. I believe that’s what I should get first so that I can trade professionally because I have seen a lot of clear evidence that Binomo is saf.

  3. Abdi Enar

    This is quite interesting. The fact that Binomo started in the year 2014 and it has achieved some outstanding feats shows that it’s a great company to trade with. Their level of reliability is completely admirable. I’m also glad that they have the mobile app which makes it a lot easier to monitor my trade. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been trading on the platform, which is great!

  4. Shaham

    Wow! So it is possible to make up to 90% profit on this trading platform. I guess now I have to put in more effort into improving my forecasting and analytical skills. I understand that these are things that can be worked upon and also improved so that I might earn better. Thankfully, Binomo already provided all the resources that might be needed to improve my trading skills. Binomo is clearly more than just a trading platform, but also a trading tutor for newbies

  5. Jabbar Wahid

    Why would anyone think that Binomo is a scam when there is a lot of evidence that confirms otherwise? Alright, I understand that people have experienced all sorts of online scamming and are wary of how they invest earned money. However, you can carry out your research on Binomo and see how they are being regulated by the International Financial Commission. The company is also being audited by Verify My Trade. Those are real international bodies

  6. Omar Khayyam

    Thanks for such a detailed and informative post. I have been able to enjoy many of the bonuses that Binomo have given over the period that I joined. They serve as a good addition to my trading deposit. To be frank, trading on Binomo online platform has been a very smooth experience

  7. Jadir

    I can confidently invite my friends and siblings to trade on Binomo. Since I started trading on the platform, I’ve improved my analytical skills so much and now I’m trading like an expert. The company actually puts their clients above their personal interest and that’s one thing that excites me about Binomo. The platform has really been helpful. You should start by trading on the demo account then you can switch to real trading. It actually takes time but absolutely worth it

  8. Al-Khatib

    Nothing baffles me like hearing people talking about things they have little to no idea about and misleading people. Personally, I had a good experience from trading on Binomo and I can tell you boldly that the platform is safe. People who are spilling ignorant things saying the platform is a scam have either never used it or are too scared to take a step. Then why talk bad about it?

  9. Khalid Arafat

    мTo be honest, a part of me really wishes that I have found Binomo earlier than I did. The trading platform just feels so good and I’ve been having a great time trading there. What about all the educational resources they offer and seamless withdrawal as well as deposit? It’s just fantastic, making me feel excited. I’ve been in search of a second stream of income for quite a long while ago and I’ve fallen into lots of terrible investments. Having said that, you will understand how happy Binomo actually makes me feel

  10. Amira Hussein

    Trading is not for the faint of heart else; you can stand to make any losses. Anything that has to do with financial trading has potential risks that you should bear in mind. The way out is to train yourself to be able to give correct forecasts by improving your analytical skills. You don’t need to rush yourself to begin your active trading. Simply start with demo trading and practice different trading strategies. Always remember that you only get better the more you trade

  11. Zeidan

    Whew! I had no idea that there was a daily withdrawal limit as well as weekly and monthly. I just tried to make another withdrawal and it was denied then I googled why it was showing that. I’ll also try to encourage anyone reading this that Binomo actually delivers and it’s 100% legit. I’ve been making lots of reasonable profits on the platform since I started trading there. This is something that anyone who is ready to put in the time and effort into learning can achieve also. Don’t give up if you are already trading and it’s not too late to start if you are new here

  12. Yasir Al-Tawil

    Binomo clearly has great customer service and the response rate is quite fast. I had issues with my account verification and in less than 24 hours they responded. I was able to sort out the problem and it was done effortlessly. I love the fact that I would have to wait for longer periods to resolve just one issue like some platforms I’ve used before. Another thing I enjoy about Binomo is how responsive their website is with regards to trading and making changes being effected immediately. Then there is the mobile app that helps me be able to monitor my trading anywhere I am at anytime

  13. Irfan Carrar

    I have had some not-so-good trading experience on Binomo that I even had to let go for some while. But it was actually on my demo account not a real trading account. So I took some time to improve my analytical skills, the funny thing was that it was all available on the Binomo website there. When I first started trading on the demo account, I didn’t care much about learning anything. I thought I could just learn straight off by trading and it turned out it doesn’t work out that way. I’m glad I figured it out with demo trading

  14. Shamsiddin

    I had no idea that Binomo is this good. Some time ago, I was also very skeptical of this trading platform and didn’t want to lose my money. My skepticism was simply because of some comments I saw online about other platforms that have scammed people of their money. The fact that I need a second source of income shows that I don’t have that kind of money to lose and not feel hit badly. But thank goodness that I took the leap and it has been an exciting experience trading on Binomo

  15. Saddam Al-Falih

    Thanks for the valuable information. I’m about to start real trading on the platform now. I’ve been mastering demo trading for some while now and it’s been going really well. Just wanted to confirm the minimum deposit before I start. I believe that I’m in the right fit to start making the extra income to cater for my needs. I’m quite lucky to have friends who have been doing this for years around me to put me through. I feel confident that I will be very okay. Whoo!

  16. Hodimat

    After reading this post, I can tell you that it’s always better to learn before venturing into things. There was a challenge with my registration on the trading platform which was actually my fault. It was resolved after I contacted the customer support and all the authentication to keep every account safe is outstanding. I’m glad that I found out about this amazing opportunity, it is really saving me from a lot of financial distress. I consider it to be one of the best extra sources of income one can have. Yeah, Binomo is that good!

  17. Muammar Al-Ghannushi

    I guess being fortunate is one thing I’m familiar with or Binomo really grants lots of outstanding bonuses. I got the deposit bonus and I’ve also been a partaker of other no-deposit bonuses. It is really astonishing. I have been able to take advantage of different promotional programs that granted me bonuses that I use in trading. Not many online trading platforms give out such offers in the form of bonus codes and coupons. I really enjoyed them and also increased my funds for trading. The platform funds’ deposit and withdrawal is very straightforward and hitch-free. You need to get on it to know how good the company is

  18. Abu Muhammad

    Recently I read some reviews I saw about Binomo. That’s just interesting. Binomo is a young and dynamic company that provides its customers with a reliable service such as, traders can rest assured that the price quote of assets on the terminal are precise. This really allows you to trade and not think about fraud

  19. Khalihenna Ould Al-Qurban

    Binomo is actually a big blessing to me at the time when I really needed it. I got to know about trading online on Binomo and that’s how I started learning how to trade on the platform. I spent more time trading on the demo account and making all the mistakes while getting better and better. After I felt more confident in my trading skills, I invested and began real trading. I must say that that’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to cater for my needs more conveniently since then

  20. Latyf

    I actually couldn’t find any valid negative reviews against Binomo. Some negative reviews I found about the broker on other review websites, most of these complaints are about traders’ technical difficulties. Most of the bad reviews are by a few ignorant traders who lost money to trade recklessly on Binomo. Binomo is a reliable online trading company with an excellent trading platform, and it processes all fund withdrawals within 24 hours. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to take those few negative reviews as a flaw with the Binomo platform

  21. Malikh Humar

    I don’t know if you guys know about the International Financial Commission. It is a regulatory bodie. Now the fact is that Binomo complies with IFC and it’s surprising that people still think that it is a scam. What a shocker! This means that the company performs its business as per this regulator recommendations and complies with its international audits. Thus, it is a safe trading platform on which traders’ funds are insured. Now you get it

  22. Hazi

    I’m happy that I got to know about Binomo. It is a company that observes transparency in all its trading activity, safety, and security of clients’ funds. It is good that you pointed out that it has been named as a Category A broker. The company gives an assurance of high-quality service and smooth transactions. You can forward your complaints against Binomo to IFC, who assures the clients up to $20,000 as compensation if the broker is ever found guilty. There’s nothing more anyone could ask for before you know it’s not a scam. What else?

  23. Fakhrat al-Nakhhas

    Binomo trading platform is one of the best things that happened to me this year. My brother told me that he was making some profit from the platform. I had my doubts about everything he was saying because it sounded too good to be true. I was able to learn a lot more from the reviews. I eventually started, and I’ve got additional income

  24. Abu Bakr

    Binomo is not a fraud, let that sink in. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know so much about all these trading platforms, and I can tell you with all confidence that what you need is trading expertise to make a profit. Binomo is a fantastic opportunity to make extra funds on an online trading platform. It requires trading expertise. I started trading with the demo account; I made some cool profits even though sometimes it might not be so much. I learned much from the demo account trading, and now I’m a lot better

  25. Aisha

    It’s just the same stories all over again. If you won’t take your training seriously, don’t complain about losing your funds. My question remains: did you invest in it with proper training, and you still lost terribly? It is wrong when people are not really to take the time to invest in themselves and learn the necessary things before taking up trading. Take your time to learn and then invest. That’s when you will know whether it is fake or real. Binomo has been making sense a lot, don’t miss out

  26. Ali Sistani

    Don’t be afraid to take on risks when it comes to trading. Every loss is worth it if you take the time to learn and get better. I’m an experienced trader and have done many trading myself, so I know what I say when I say that Binomo is good. You can’t be sure, anything can happen. Binomo is a reliable online trading platform. Infact it has all you need to make additional income. Prepare your mind and be ready for all that you are about to learn in financial trading. You can do it if you don’t give up

  27. Sharaf El Din

    Binomo is the real deal. It took a while to come to that realization, but it was worthwhile. The first time I heard about Binomo, I had my doubts and I was scared of being scammed. Then I saw loads of comments about it being a fake. Also, I read about how good the platform is and all the free resources and the demo account. I started with the demo account, which was my encouragement to begin. I got so good that I didn’t think twice about investing in it. I’ve never regretted that decision

  28. Khadija

    Compared to any other trading platform you could find elsewhere, Binomo offers some of the highest quality services anywhere in the world. You can get global scale brokerage services from anywhere and enjoy all the impressive resources. I love how well designed and streamlined the website looks, it serves a great purpose. Binomo has existed for years, and that is a testimony to their stability and even the years of experience they’ve acquired already. Do you the company have won lots of prestigious awards over the years?

  29. Amir Suleiman

    Don’t let anyone deceive you that online trading is a scam. Remember that it is never for the inexperienced who are just dabbling into things they have no idea about; it is for the financially intelligent ones. So when you delve into online trading, and you lose all your funds in just one blink, you can’t come here to say that the platform scammed you. No, you just scammed yourself. Binomo is a registered brokerage company; that means it is being regulated accordingly. It is safe to trade with them

  30. Ahmed Amr El Usman

    Before you start trading, one of the things to know is that there are risks in online trading. It’s good that you already pointed all that out in your post here. You can quickly gain or lose a lot in a few seconds. It really pays well but if you don’t have other sources of income, you need to learn. It is much better that you keep your funds safe than regret losing it because you didn’t trade well. It is recommended that you take enough time to learn and practice trading very well with a demo account before thinking of even starting. Don’t jump into financial trading without proper training or else you jump out at the same rate

  31. Star of Qatar

    I found the Binomo site when I was looking for ways to get additional income online. Trading was new for me, so I learned everything from scratch. There are tutorials on the platform that helped me a lot. Now I have switched to a real account. I trade from my mobile phone via the Android app. I believe this trading platform can be trusted!

  32. Omar Humar

    I liked the Binomo site because there is free training and the opportunity to practice on a demo account without spending your deposit. I also downloaded and tested the mobile app. I liked the app, it’s convenient. I want to fund my account with $ 10 and try real trading. So far I’m happy with the platform and I don’t think Binomo is a scam

  33. Zahid

    I read about the Binomo website on one of the Qatari forums. At first I was afraid to trade here because the platform did not inspire confidence. But when I tried a demo account and figured out how to trade on Binomo, I became convinced of the reliability of this platform. Now I use several of the most effective strategies to my opinion and have already withdrawn the funds I earned a couple of times. The Binomo site is not a fraud. I was convinced of this from my own experience

  34. Abd us-Sattar

    I tried different trading platforms in Qatar, but not all of them I liked. So, I entered the Binomo platform on the advice of a friend and stayed to trade here. I had experience with online trading, so I quickly mastered the platform and switched to a real account. However, from time to time I use a demo account to test new strategies. I have never regretted that I logged into Binomo. It is truly one of the best and safest platforms in Qatar

  35. Muhammad Abu Marzouk

    Many times I wanted to learn how to trade, but put it off until I saw a detailed review of Binomo with an explanation. The platform not only offers trading, but also provides tutorials. It helped me a lot as a beginner. I study strategies and try to make correct forecasts on a demo account without losing my own funds. I believe Binomo is one of the best platforms in Qatar. And I have already recommended it to my friends!

  36. Khaled

    Many times on the forums I met the name Binomo, but did not attach any importance. Since I needed additional income, I decided to look into this area. So, I signed up on the platform. I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to learn trading for free and practice on a demo account. I know that there is a mobile app for more convenient trading, but I haven’t downloaded it yet. In general, I have already figured out the trading on the Binomo website. As soon as I am confident in my skills, I will try to trade on a real account

  37. Trader from QA

    There are negative reviews of the Binomo website online, but I have been trading on the platform for two years now and have not had any problems. If I did not understand something, I contacted the support service or the Help Center. And support always answered questions. There were no problems with the withdrawal of funds either. When I first got to know Binomo, I found all the explanations on how to trade on the platform. There are tutorials, demo accounts and tournaments where I trained and gained experience. Try it, it is a really great platform

  38. Ismail Yassin

    When I first heard about the Binomo website, the first question was – “What is it?”. Before that, I had no trading experience, and the free education on the platform helped me understand the basics of online asset trading. A month ago I switched to a real account, but I use a demo account to test strategies. I want to go to a real account and compare if there will be a difference in the charts. And while I have no doubts about the reliability of the platform