Types of Binomo bonuses and how to get them


Binomo has interesting bonus programs you can leverage to boost deposit. This article will walk you through how Binomo bonus works, how to get the bonuses, and how to spend them correctly. We’ll also explore bonus types (coupons, no-deposit, etc). 

binomo bonus

So, there are two major types of bonuses or two main ways you can receive bonuses; namely:

  1. Deposit Bonus: This is the bonus you receive when crediting a given amount of capital to your account, including using a bonus coupon.
  2. No-Deposit Bonus: As the name implies, doesn’t stem from depositing to your account. It’s provided in two major ways: as part of promotions( Binomo free bonus) or by a personal manager for Gold and Vip clients (in some cases).

Binomo also has a welcome bonus. Each registered user receives 25% on the first deposit.

Deposit bonuses

Bonuses are credited to a user’s account when a deposit is made to the account. The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the client’s deposit and type of account. Bonuses are activated using the Binomo deposit coupon.

Account status offers various options to a trader, providing a variety of trading benefits. The level of various benefits depend on the particular status. Account status is achieved by making a certain amount of deposits accumulated throughout the time of trading on the platform. Binomo has three real statuses: Standard, Gold, and VIP.

Standard status has deposit bonuses of up to 100%. Increasingly, Gold status comes with deposit bonuses of up to 150%. As expected, VIP status has a deposit bonus of up to 200%.

Binomo deposit bonuses work based on the principle of “the more you deposit to your account, the more deposit bonus you get”.

Binomo no-deposit bonuses

You can get a Binomo no-deposit bonus for participating in promotions. The no-deposit bonus also involves bonuses provided by Gold and VIP managers. A manager elucidates and provides offers and bonuses available. As noted earlier, some benefits accompany each Binomo status. For Gold and VIP statuses, there are no-deposit bonuses made available by Gold and VIP managers under certain agreements.

Bonus codes and coupons

Binomo bonus coupons can be activated when you credit your account. While making the deposit, you can see the value of the coupon.

To use a bonus coupon go to “Cashier” (deposit button on mobile app) and select a payment method. Then you type the deposit amount, click on the “Add coupon” link and input the bonus code you retrieved from the “Coupon” section. That is all!

VIP bonuses

binomo vip bonuses

VIP status provides some benefits such as bonuses, right to individual service and training, personal discounts, increase in the percentage of profit on assets, etc. The condition for attaining Binomo VIP status has a cumulative deposit in the total amount of  $1,000 and more. A user’s manager provides information regarding VIP bonuses and other benefits. VIP bonuses can be both deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses.

A VIP account receives a deposit bonus of up to 200%. No-deposit bonuses are based on tournaments, promotions, and personal managers. As noted above, a VIP account personal manager makes bonuses available based on certain agreements.

Binomo bonus Terms and Conditions 

binomo bonus terms and conditions

The Binomo bonuses program operates based on some Terms and Conditions. Knowing these precepts is paramount to get adequate use of bonuses. Let’s take a look at the Terms and Conditions.

The size of a bonus depends on the principles of the promotion or program for which it was credited (no-deposit bonuses), and/or the amount of the deposit (deposit bonuses). Bonuses credited to a user’s account are not a financial obligation of Binomo to the user. 

After activation, a bonus becomes available for withdrawal only after a trader completes the Mandatory Trading Turnover. This turnover is the bonus amount multiplied by its leverage factor. Suppose the leverage factor of a bonus is not specified. In that case, the leverage factor should be considered: 

  • equal to 40 for no-deposit bonuses;
  • 35 for deposit bonuses that are less than 50% of the amount of the deposit when using the bonus;
  • 40 for bonuses that are 50% or more of the amount of the deposit when using the bonus. 

A Binomo user can only have one active bonus. If the trader already has an active bonus, activation of another is not allowed until the turnover for the active bonus has been reached. Click here to learn more about Binomo bonuses’ Terms and Conditions.


The Binomo bonus program is a system that rewards customers appropriately. You can use both the deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus to increase your trading power. And be aware of the trading risks that can be mitigated if you improve your trading skills and use the Binomo demo account for practice.

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