What is Binomo in South Africa and how to trade – overview


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Binomo com is an online trading website that allows you to trade currency pairs,  CFD and other assets. The company started operations in 2014 and has been successfully operating since then. The company has several awards for being a qualified broker. Binomo is a certified “A” category member of the International Financial Commission (IFC). If you are trading via a certified IFC company, it means that an independent conflict resolution company protects all your rights. We will tell you what Binomo investment is all about and how to trade on the platform.

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Binomo in South Africa – what is it?

What is Binomo, and how does it operate in South Africa? Binomo is a registered online platform that is internationally famous. It operates in over 130 countries, including South Africa. Binomo provides you with transparent and reliable trade. You can trade the chosen asset by observing the indicators on the screen. Binomo has a user-friendly interface to provide comfort for its users. The withdrawal funds process is safe for traders wherever they are.


Binomo is a subsidiary company of Dolphin Corp. They have a registered head office in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. You can find the full address on https://binomo.com/information/about


binomo trade platform

We mentioned before that Binomo is a certified and awarded online trading platform. The company was certified by the International Financial Commission, which is an independent dispute resolution company. Binomo has a Verify My Trade certificate. This means that Binomo demonstrated its high standards in business practices and credibility in online trading. You can read about the IFC’s announcement about Binomo being certified by them in 2018.

Account types

Every day, thousands of traders with different skill levels trade online on Binomo. Thus, Binomo offers three different types of accounts changing according to the traders’ needs, and also demo account. 

Standard Account

A Standard Account is a basic account on Binomo that you can sign up for $10. Let’s see what it provides for the account owners:

  • Over 40 assets to trade.
  • Withdrawal funds within a maximum of three days (the stated time can change due to the payment method you use).
  • Deposit bonuses up to 100% (don’t forget that the funds will be available for withdrawal only after fulfilling the Trading Turnover requirement).
  • Participation in trading tournaments.

Gold Account

The Gold cumulative account available with a total deposit of $500. It is intended for the more experienced trader. Its advantages:

  • Over 50 assets to trade.
  • Withdrawal of funds within one day (the specified time may change 3 days or more depending on the payment method you use).
  • Deposit bonuses up to 150% (don’t forget that the funds will be available for withdrawal only after fulfilling the Trading Turnover requirement).
  • Cashback up to 5% (in some cases) and insurance.
  • Participation in trading tournaments.
  • Participation in Happy Hour. During the Happy Hour, several assets’ profitability is doubled.
  • A personal account manager tracks your trade and provides you with some extra bonuses and gifts.

VIP Account

A VIP account was designed for high-level traders who mastered their trading skills and were more confident in online trading. It is a cumulative account available with a total deposit of $1000. Its advantages:

  • Over 60 assets to trade.
  • Withdrawal of funds in a few hours (this time can be increased up to 3 days or longer, depending on the payment method you use).
  • Deposit bonuses up to 200% (don’t forget that the funds will be available for withdrawal only after fulfilling the Trading Turnover requirement.)
  • Cashback up to 10% (in some cases) and insurance.
  • Participation in VIP tournaments where the prize pools are bigger.
  • Participation in Happy Hour. 
  • A personal account manager.
  • Risk-free traders that sometimes VIP managers provide you with. Risk-free trades will appear in the “Gifts” section of your account.


binomo demo

You will get a Demo account right after registration on the Binomo website. You can have a real trading experience on a Demo account without the risk of losing funds. A Demo account is funded with virtual $10000 by Binomo, and this funds can be used only for training purposes. The aim is to teach new users how to use the Binomo trading platform.

How to close an account

In some situations you may need to deactivate your current Binomo account. For example, if you want to change your account’s currency you are not allowed to do that. So, you have to close your current account and open a new one. If you don’t know how to close your Binomo account you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email (it should be the email address you used to sign up on Binomo).
  2. Create an email requesting the cancellation of your Binomo account.
  3. Choose an email subject such as “Binomo Account Deletion Request.”
  4. Send your email to support@binomo.com.

Then, you can create your new Binomo account.


You can join different tournaments on Binomo to just test your trading skills or have the prize pool at the end of the tournament! Each tournament has different prize pools. They may require a participation fee or can be totally free. You can join tournaments from the Binomo desktop version or the mobile application. The new tournament accounts are created for each tournament, and at the end, your tournament account is deleted.


One of the most important things for you to do online trading at Binomo is to learn and apply strategies. With a single click on https://binomo.com/information/strategies, you can see the different strategies developed for beginner, intermediate and professional level traders.

Binomo tips

binomo help

To become the correct forecast and get additional income in online trading on the Binomo platform, you can use some tips.

  1. Master your skills through free education and demo account before you start real trade.
  2. Use strategies and economic calendar.
  3. Set a daily limit for unsuccessful trades. If you don’t get fruitful results, don’t exceed your daily unsuccessful trades limit.
  4. Take part in tournaments to improve your trading skills.


BinPartner is another way to get extra income on the Binomo investment platform. Binomo affiliate program offers you to make earnings by attracting new traders on Binomo. To bring new customers, you can promote your link on investment forums, YouTube channels, blogs or social media platforms. Once you attract a referral and they register on Binomo via your affiliate link, Binomo will give you 5% of each transaction by the new client. To learn more about the affiliate program, please visit the link https://binpartner.com/.


Binomo is one of the best trading platforms in South Africa, and the platform also operates in over 130 countries since 2014. The company is audited annually and proves its reliability. It serves the customers with transparency and honesty. Yet, don’t forget that there is always a risk of losing the deposited amount in trading.

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