What are bonus funds?

What are bonus funds?Category: Questions-englWhat are bonus funds?
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Bonus funds are funds that are credited to the user’s trading account directly with Binomo. This is done to increase the client’s trading potential. Bonus funds are accrued in accordance with various promotional or bonus programs that are held on the platform’s website.
Bonus funds can be credited to a trade deposit:

  • in the form of a welcome bonus when the user first replenishes his trading account;
  • in the form of a bonus for replenishing a real account;
  • in the form of payments under the existing insurance system for all transactions depending on insurance conditions;
  • in the form of a prize as a result of a victory from participating in a competition held by the company.

The terms of the promotions and the size of bonuses may vary depending on the current offers of the company. Bonuses are credited within one banking day after the user has taken any action, as a result of which he has the right to receive a bonus. If, after the bonuses have been credited to the account, the user decides to withdraw funds, then first he should carry out some kind of trade. Trade begins from the moment of crediting bonus funds to the account. All profit from the use of bonuses is considered the property of the user and can be withdrawn from the account.
If a trader receives a no deposit bonus, he also has the opportunity to withdraw both bonuses from the account and the profit received from its use. For more information about bonuses, please contact Binomo customer support.

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