How can I verify a bank card?

How can I verify a bank card?Category: Questions-englHow can I verify a bank card?
avyceg asked 3 years ago
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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

To pass the verification of a bank card, it is necessary to send a color image of the front side of the card, on which the user’s initials will be clearly visible and easily readable, as well as the first six and last four digits of the card number, along with its validity. However, the administration does not request the back of the card.
If the bank card is not registered, then it is additionally necessary to send such documents as an extract from the bank with a seal and a signature confirming that this card is issued in the user’s name. This extract must contain the last name, first name, middle name and card number.

Screenshots from the online bank, which show the card number and the initials of the user. In this case, a screenshot should be taken on the entire screen of the device.
The site administration will accept either of the two options listed below to confirm an unnamed card.

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