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Choosing a brokerage company is a responsible procedure. The success and profitability of trading depends on the competence of the trading platform.

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Hundreds of organizations provide their services on the Internet. Experience has shown that most of them are scammers who lure customers with solid bonuses, but do not allow them to earn. Binary options brokers rating will help you find a professional partner. These are statistics compiled by analysts from independent centers. Only the best brokers are represented in the binary options rating. As a rule, only proven organizations that have several years of experience and a stable audience of traders get here like Binomo.
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Binary options rating is compiled in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Trading platforms. A professional company has its own well-optimized platform. The key criterion is the processing speed of order commands. The delay per second will result in loss of thousands of dollars.
  • Trading conditions. Before starting trading, a competent partner suggests that you familiarize yourself with a detailed list of conditions of cooperation, which describes all the subtleties and aspects of financial transactions.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Most bonuses are useless and represent a marketing ploy. However, this does not mean that they should be neglected. This is an opportunity to get an additional reserve in account.Binomo com broker review
  • Demo account. Demo is one of the main tools of the trader, where you can train and test strategies. It is the best binary options brokers that offer their clients such access.
  • Deposit and bid. The minimum deposit and the minimum bid for the order are taken into account.
  • Reviews. There are fake and real comments. Experts are guided by their own opinions and the results of the broker’s testing. Thus, by listening to these tips, you can choose the best binary options broker.

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